That turned out to be a lie, because officials had known about the group for years and had failed to act. According to Politico, agents reported offensive photos shared in the group to agency leadership in 2016. Two years later, a senior CBP official warned agency employees of possible disciplinary action for inappropriate or offensive content shared in the group, CNN reported.


“The bottom line is the Agency may bring discipline against an employee who posts offensive messages on a social media page where there is a nexus to the Agency workplace,” Matthew Klein, assistant commissioner of CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility, wrote in a 2018 memo.

Following media reports, the group “I’m 10-15” briefly changed its name to “America First,” a reference to Donald Trump’s xenophobic political mantra, before it was archived, CNN reported.


In the group “The Real CBP Nation,” members commented on the shuttering of “I’m 10-15,” with one person commenting, “We’re in this till the end.”

Facebook also apparently intervened in the second group.

Per CNN:

A Facebook spokesperson told CNN on Friday that the company had removed content from the group that was in violation of the social network’s policy.

“We have removed several pieces of content from the Group ‘The Real CBP Nation’ for violating our policies on Bullying and Harassment, Cruel and Insensitive content, and Sexual Exploitation of Adults. We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want everyone using Facebook to feel safe. That’s why we have Community Standards and remove anything that violates them,” said the spokesperson in a statement.


CBP officers also were criticized this week for attempting to humiliate a Honduran man at a migrant detention center in Texas last March by making him hold a sign that read, “Me gustan los hombres”—Spanish for “I like men.” According to CNN, the man was “paraded through a migrant detention center” with the sign until another agent intervened and reported the incident to superiors.

Referring to CBP detention centers on Friday, Trump told reporters he’d “seen some of those places” and they “are run beautifully.”


“They’re incredible,” he added. “They’re really well-run.”