Anti-Trump activists scale flagpoles, unfurl huge banner at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame near RNC

CLEVELAND—Activists climbed two flagpoles early Tuesday morning and unfurled a giant anti-Trump banner near the arena that is hosting the Republican National Convention.

Two activists, both women, started scaling the flagpoles in front of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame just after 7 a.m. They were ordered down by police and other security officers an hour later, and were immediately arrested.


The banner was 25 feet wide and read, "Don't Trump Our Communities." It also said, “Ban Fracking," "Tear Down the Wall," and "Stop Climate Injustice."

Jacqui Cepeda, a Chicana activist from South Los Angeles, was arrested after unfurling the banner and climbing down the flagpole.
Jorge Rivas/Fusion

Arrested were Jacqui Cepeda, an activist from South Los Angeles, and Sharon Spencer, from Ohio. A third woman who served as a police liaison for the protesters, Liz Butler, was also placed in handcuffs.

Fire officials took down the banner. More than 25 officers had gathered, including from the Cleveland fire department and Cleveland EMS.

Jorge Rivas/Fusion

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is about a mile from Quicken Loans Arena, where Republican delegates are expected to nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.


In a statement, the tourist attraction said: "The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an icon of free speech. This week our home city of Cleveland faces the task of safely hosting thousands of convention-goers and dissenters. We encourage free expression but discourage illegal actions that stress our first responders. Please continue to express yourself but do so safely and legally."

Firefighters from the Cleveland Fire Department seen removing the banner activists attached to flag poles.
Armando Gallardo/Fusion

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