AOC BURNS Rahm Emanuel To a Crisp NO SURVIVORS

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Former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has wasted no time after leaving his post churning out the personal news, but his latest job announcement has drawn ire from none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


On Wednesday, Emanuel told the Wall Street Journal that he’s joining investment bank Centerview Partners LLC, where he’ll open a new Chicago office to advise clients. His bigwig finance position follows announcements last month that Emanuel is also now a “contributing editor” for the Atlantic—where, without a hint of irony, he wrote that it was “time to hold American elites accountable”—and a contributor at ABC News. Fan-fucking-tastic.

AOC appears to be just as excited as we are for Emanuel, disparaging him for using his decades of political connections for his own personal gain now that he’s left office.


Ocasio-Cortez (along with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, supposedly) is currently working on a bill to ban former Congress members from lobbying for life. Not exactly what Emanuel is doing here, but pretty damn close.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan