AOC Is Driving Conservatives Completely Out of Their Minds

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Freshman congresspeople are not usually major celebrities, but in the six months since her upset primary victory, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has managed to set up shop in the center of the national news cycle and pretty much just stay there. This is mostly due to the fact that she makes conservatives absolutely lose their minds on a daily basis.

Take yesterday, for instance, when an anonymous QAnon idiot published a cut-up version of a Boston University promotional video featuring AOC doing the dance scene from The Breakfast Club.


The original tweet framed this as a dunk, for some reason, even though it doesn’t even register on the scale of embarrassing things someone can do in college. It almost immediately spawned this great Twitter account, which replaced Phoenix’s “Listomania” with dozens of other songs playing over the clip of AOC dancing.

It’s great. There are dozens on there. The meme format doesn’t get old and the clip gets more charming and goofy each time you watch it.


Conservatives are also absolutely going to lose their shit about this clip as well, from an upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. Is it normal for a freshman congresswoman to book 60 Minutes the week of their swearing-in? No, but here we are, and it whips.


The framing of this clip makes it sound like AOC just started tossing out numbers, but her actual answer to Cooper about tax increases for the Green New Deal is pretty cogent, and it’s smart to frame climate action as something of equal importance to FDR’s social welfare programs and emancipation. But oh boy, is it going to make conservatives have a meltdown. That can only be good for progressives, if it goes the same way as every other AOC-inspired meltdown so far.