Apple Music just beat Spotify to streaming Taylor Swift's '1989'

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Taylor Swift tweeted today that she will now allow her album 1989 to be streamed on Apple Music.


Swift initially said she would withhold the album from the service, set to launch June 30, until Apple agreed to fairly compensate artists whose music was played during users' free three-month trial period.

Late Sunday Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue tweeted that the company would agree to do so. The terms remain murky — BGR's Yoni Heisler estimates artists will get paid $2.47 per thousand songs streamed during the trial period, but notes payments to publishers remain ongoing.

Swift is still withholding her catalogue from Spotify because of its free, ad-based tier that Swift believes shortchanges artists.


1989 had sold 4.5 million copies as of March, making it her best-selling album to date; Swift was the No. 1 artist by sales of 2014.

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