Are these toy snowmen singing Hail Satan?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In August, the world met the Duck Army, a Vine showing dozens of toy ducks being pressed all at once and making a horrible moaning sound.


Now, a new Vine is challenging the Duck Army for Weird Toy Chorus: a row of snowmen that all appear to be saying "Hail Satan."

Vine user Ravid has scored 8.9 million loops on his Vines so far, and over 8.8 million of them have come in the last three days after posting these Satanist snowmen.

Thanks to the Tumblr blog Captioning Vines, we have a transcript of this Vine.

Man: [Leaning in] Hail satan

Chorus of Snowmen: [Harmonious, chipper, and in unison] Hail satan!

Middle Snowman: [delayed] Hail satan!


Ravid's Vine does not appear under the hashtag "#HailSatan" unfortunately, but it's delightfully horrifying in the, well, "chipper, and in unison" way the mimicry happens. Like, Duck Army, the Satanist snowmen are that curious, perfect mix of mundane and off-putting that make for good Vine content.

Christmas decorations shouldn't be saying that! Hail Satan? Eh, maybe. Hail these snowmen? Absolutely.

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