Area Veteran and His Teenage Son Celebrate Christmas the Correct Way

This holiday season, like many American families, the Ruibals peppered their home in Greely, Colorado, with whimsical and seasonally appropriate decorations: string lights, a glowing reindeer, a wreath. Oh, and a large cardboard sign reading FUCK NAZIS.

Seems the youngest Ruibal, 16-year-old Preston, isn’t letting the pressing issues of 2017 get buried by sentiments as inconsequential as good will and seasonal cheer.


As Preston told the Greeley Tribune, which has been following the story, the high schooler was inspired to create the sign after reading about a white nationalist who killed a woman during August’s protest in Charlottesville. The paper became aware of the sign when a neighbor tipped them off, complaining to the Tribune that children walk that way towards school. The anonymous neighbor, who stated they had personally “never had a problem with Nazis,” also called the cops.

Joseph Ruibal, a Vietnam veteran and the son of a World War II fighter—who he says did have a problem with Nazis—stood behind his son’s exercising of his First Amendment rights:

“If (people) want to wear the Nazi emblem, that’s fine,” Ruibal said. “It’s just like the confederates; they’re both loser flags.”


“The day I take the sign down is the day I take the America flag down,” he also told the Tribune.

The day after the story about the Ruibals went to press, the FUCK NAZIS sign vanished from the yard:


The Tribune, in a follow-up story, reported the industrious Preston has already constructed a larger, sturdier FUCK NAZIS sign. It is currently on view next to the light-up reindeer in the Ruibal’s yard. We’ve reached out to the family for pictures and will update when we heard back.

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