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Argentina’s President-elect Mauricio Macri has mad social media skills. And he's not afraid to show them off.

He first displayed his social media savvy on the campaign trail, trying to win over voters. Now as president-elect, he's taking his Facebook game to the next level.


On Wednesday, Macri, who presented his full cabinet during a live television broadcast, simultaneously updated his Facebook page by giving each of his appointed ministers their own emoji to match their job.

The energy minister got a light bulb, the security minister got a cop face, the tourism minister got an airplane, and the environment minister got the recycle emoji. Notably, no one got the poo (at least yet).

Macri, the former mayor of Buenos Aires, won Argentina’s presidential runoff on Nov. 22, bringing an end to the country’s 12-year political dynasty dominated by leftist President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. A center-right millionaire businessman, Macri is being closely followed by many in Latin America after his victory suggested it could be the beginning of important political and economic shifts in the region.


His Facebook skills have led some of his aides to call him Argentina's "Facebook president." So far, it's a moniker he's rising to.

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