Art Hipsters and Speculators Are Awful People

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quote: “Once the revolution comes, all Banksy pieces will belong to the people. Only then will we be released from the chains of capitalist property law, which allows rapacious landowners to remove or destroy the work.”


their: Gothamist’s

their_title: Who "Owns" The Queens Banksy Sculpture?



their_copy: The man who first discovered the Banksy sculpture in Queens this morning noticed it getting dropped off around 7 a.m. "by two hipsters." Once the crowds started showing up around noon and everyone was talking about this Banksy guy… he declared it to be his. But the statue was placed on public property, so unlike pieces that have gone up on building walls that are owned by someone—where they can technically claim ownership—this one belongs to The People.

theirCTA: Read their full story here

our_copy: Obviously, this is hilarious. We’re big into public interruptions. Banksy is more performance artist than street artist at this point, really. The actual physical objets d’art he creates become secondary to the hysteria that surrounds them.

We’re guessing that’s probably his secret point in this whole New York “residency.”

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