Anthony Pego was just trying to do something funny on his website when he started drawing politicians as cats.

But the Oklahoma City artist, 36, has quickly become something of an Internet sensation.


What sparked the idea of "catify-ing" politicians?

"It just seemed like a really good challenge to kind of anthropomorphize cats," he said, adding that he grew up around politicians so the decision to focus on lawmakers was "kind of natural."

His catification of "Senator Lucky Schumer (NY-D)" earned a tweet from real-life Senator Chuck Schumer.


Senator Lucky Schumer (NY-D) Joint Congressional Committee on Napping. Currently fighting against the H.U.M.A.N. to allow bird flight inside the House.


Pego wants to draw all 100 U.S. senators, but he's not tackling the drawings in alphabetical order.

Each morning, he scans Reddit to see what's being shared and upvoted. And if he sees a local politician or state senator "getting into the news for something ridiculous or wonderful," he said, they're fair game for catification, too.


Governor Andrew Cuomew (NY-D) Banned human baby soul stealing. Introduced anti “hand-under-the-covers game” legislation that resulted in a pet-wide “big-treat industry” protest that in itself led to the dog running away.

Reddit is where he spotted a picture of New York State Sen. Tony Avella looking "pretty ridiculous" while holding a couple of machetes (he was pushing a machete ban).

It seemed like the perfect image to catify, he said. The whole process has been "really convoluted and accidental."


Senator Tummies Avella (NY-D) Zoning and Yarn Subcommittee. Wrote legislation banning babies and machetes.

His favorite catification so far is Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).


Mitch McColombia (KY-R) Majority Leader of Sneezes. Spends his free time running a cocaine based drug cartel out of a printer paper box lid.

Next up, he'll catify the Idaho senators. He decided to draw them after he read about Idaho state Rep. Vito Barbieri asking if a woman could swallow a camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam (Answer: no).

Pego is considering putting his images on posters and t-shirts and selling them, although he "doesn't expect the whole world to be walking around in cat shirts."


Who knows—the world might surprise him. For now, he'll just keep catifying our elected leaders.

James Lankpurr (OK / R). Thinks being a dog is a choice. Chairman of the Subcommittee of Ankle Attacks.


Sally “Fishes” Purrn (OK district 84 / R). Profession: Kitten Scolder
“Ferrets are an abomination.”


Mary Howlin, Governor of Oklahoma (R). “Like most Oklahoma felines I do not support the expansion of the definition of tummy rubs.”

Jim “Oatmeal” Incough (OK / R). Chairman of US Senate Committee on Litterboxes and Floor Gaps. “Litter box change is a hoax.”


Senator Purrsten Gillibrand (NY-D). Subcommittee to Catch the Red Dot Senator Purrsten Gillibrand has quietly garnered a lot of attention lately and she is thought to be a high pawed Presidential candidate, but for when, no one will say.

All drawings and captions courtesy of Anthony Pego/Boo Science

Emily DeRuy is a Washington, D.C.-based associate editor, covering education, reproductive rights, and inequality. A San Francisco native, she enjoys Giants baseball and misses Philz terribly.