Ass Touches Ass

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet—and, as such, we should be barred from too much “Christmas” talk—the White House welcomed its ceremonial tree today. Also, President Trump touched a horse’s ass.


After he and Melania circled ‘round the horse-drawn carriage while “Oh, Christmas Tree” played—it was all very quaint—Trump shook hands with the coachmen. Then he lovingly gave one horse a good pat on the haunch.

Here the moment is in gif form:

As expected, this was received as a normal, tender gesture by the MAGA internet:


Do you get the joke in the headline now. Trump, an ass, touched a horse on the butt, otherwise known as an ass. Sorry for the bad words, I’ll be here all day folks.

Managing Editor, Splinter