Aubrey Plaza gave 'Parks & Rec' costar Aziz Ansari her blood and hair as a parting gift

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The line between Aubrey Plaza and April Ludgate-Dwyer, the character she played on Parks & Recreation (who may or may not be an evil witch, with powers) grows blurrier by the day.


Aziz Ansari stopped by Conan last night and revealed that, along with an affectionate handwritten note, his former costar had given him a unique gift to remember her by. And by "unique," we do mean "very, very weird" — it's a sample of her blood and hair.

But here's the thing: as Aziz later found out, that's not really her blood or her hair ("It's just like some fucking jelly or something," he complains), which somehow makes the perfectly in-character gift even weirder.


In Aubrey's defense, even the best of friends don't give each other actual DNA samples, if only because the temptation to create evil clone armies in one another's image may be too tempting to resist.

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