Austin is officially bigger than San Francisco

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Austin grew 12 percent between 2010 and 2013 and is now the 11th largest city in America, according to new Census report on U.S. cities.

The Texas state capital jumped past San Francisco (14th), as well as Jacksonville (13th), and Indianapolis (12th). As of 2013 Austin, had a population of 885,400, just 100,000 short of No. 10 San Jose, which grew 5.6 percent during the period.


The data are strictly measures of incorporated city limits. In San Francisco's semi-defense, its physical size is 6x smaller than Austin's, and it is 9x as dense.

Meanwhile, Charlotte moved past Fort Worth to become the 16th-largest city in the country, and Seattle climbed to 21st most populous, from 23rd. The data also showed Baltimore dropping out of the top 25 entirely, and Boston falling to 24th from 22nd.

Here's the full list:


And here's the full list of the growth rates for America's 25 largest cities. Detroit was the lone large city to lose people, although Chicago and Memphis came close.


And here's the full map of growth rates for large cities. Texas towns took the top 3 spots, with Frisco, a city north of Dallas, growing 17 percent. New Orleans also had a strong showing, growing more than 10 percent.


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