Australia is taking an extreme step to make sure its Olympic athletes don’t get Zika in Brazil​

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Citing concerns regarding the outbreak of the Zika virus that has been making its way through South America, two Australian companies are teaming up to make sure the nation's athletes don't contract the virus sexually.

Starpharma, a pharmaceutical tech company, and Ansell, a condom maker, are producing a line of male and female condoms coated with an antiviral lubricant that the companies claim can "inactivate" a number of viral STIs including HIV, HPV, and genital herpes.

Though the Zika virus, which has been linked to infant microcephaly, is most commonly transmitted via mosquito bite, the CDC confirmed that it could be transmitted sexually this past February. Following that announcement, public health officials in Columbia tripled the condom handout program, hoping to prevent further spread of the virus.


According to the Australian Olympic Committee, the Starpharma condoms will be sent to supplement the Olympic village's already ample supply of prophylactics. This year, each block of the village will be outfitted with a machine that provides free condoms on demand to encourage safe sex practices.

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