Aleksander Chan
Editor-in-Chief, Splinter
Apr 23 2019

The L.A. Times reveals milquetoast Mayor Pete’s “eclectic taste in pop music”—skkkkrrtttt, sike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you consider loving Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Rage Against the Machine, and Spoon “eclectic”! Although he prefers Cardi over Nicki (correct), we CANNOT trust him for saying Hail to the Thief is his Read more

Apr 16 2019

This We’ll find out soon enough how good this miniseries (based on the Gabriel Sherman book) about Fox News demon king Roger Ailes is, but I am going to wager a bet that the other Fox News-Ailes adaptation will probably be better! I mean, look at that cast.

Feb 5 2019

Incredible: Splinter’s managing editor, Katherine Krueger, will be on The Majority Report With Sam Seders SOTU livestream tonight. She will be joining former Splintie Alex Pareene in “dunking” on the president. Seems cool! Arrange your browser tabs accordingly and put our live blog in one and Katherine in the other.

Oct 12 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand, perennially listed near the bottom of potential 2020 contenders, continues saying—generally and generically—all the right things in a new interview with New York magazine. But! Notice how she won’t say a bad word about Joe Manchin and Phil Bredesen and how they voted (and would vote) on Kavanaugh.