Aleksander Chan
Editor-in-Chief, Splinter
5/06/19 5:57PM

Last spring, a producer for Tucker Carlson invited my former colleague Brendan O’Connor onto Fox News to discuss a recent encounter between the Democratic Socialists of America and Milo Yiannopoulos. For a couple of hours, Brendan seemed into doing it, if only to make fun of the host. I decided it was my job, for a Read more

1/08/19 2:02PM

I talked to several developmental psychologists for this story--all agreed that these sorts of “fantasy movies” are a dangerous barrier to maturity. Perhaps you should heed their warning. 

12/03/18 1:32PM

I realize at this point, it’s really low on the things that we should care about, but, do you think anyone could explain to him how quotations work?  Functioning government, world respect, we’ve lost all those things, but we should still care about the grammar.

11/05/18 4:29PM

I’d give the edge to Katherine just slightly over the version of Katherine that HamNo imagined, who also makes some salient points on exiting your work day in pitch blackness.

11/05/18 4:28PM

There is no counterpoint.  Katherine knows the truth.  If you want to live in constant darkness, just move north of the Arctic Circle during the winter, and then south of the Antarctic Circle in the summer.  Problem solved.

11/05/18 4:27PM

I don’t really give a fuck whether we’re on it or not. I just want to pick one and STICK WITH IT.

10/16/18 5:24PM

It’s hard to think of an unassisted political self-own as bad as this. It’s not easy to simultaneously piss off a big chunk of your potential base and make yourself a laughingstock amongst your opponents at the same time.

10/16/18 5:03PM

This is not a game of Who’s More Native? It is a simple question of to whom Elizabeth Warren feels responsible to when she travels to Washington. If her record is any indication, it is not Native peoples. Read more

10/16/18 5:01PM

Gotta say, as someone agnostic on Warren, I am astounded that she was tone-deaf and ignorant enough to go full Blood Quantum/Race Science on this. What an absolutely embarrassing own goal. There were people defending this here on the original piece, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how/why.

10/16/18 4:48PM

There’s really no positive spin on this. I never thought she was going to be a real serious candidate in 2020 (because she’s old and not a very good politician), but holy shit, this was a terribly dumb thing to do. Even as a cynical ploy to troll the president it makes no sense that she thought she would come out of Read more