Connor Wroe Southard
Dec 21 2018

(Don’t think they’ll walk to a title because no one does anymore, but they have to be in any discussion about contenders)

Dec 21 2018

There’s a lot of truth to that. Many of the distinctions between this team and past teams are tautological: Zion is a cutting-edge player for this era, because he’s been groomed in this era, etc. I do think the way they switch and generally don’t adhere to traditional positions (the trend in the NBA, of course) means Read more

Dec 21 2018

To be clear, I don’t blame anyone for hating Duke. I get it. My only hope is that everyone can at least enjoy the hoop these guys play. At its best (and at least for moments even during their worst games), it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in college.

Jul 24 2018

Great piece, as was Burneko’s. But could you guys do a long Bill Simmons takedown soon, just to balance out the tone? Gotta stave off the darkness somehow 

Mar 18 2018

I’ve only watched one Rockets game narrated by their local crew this season, and it was borderline unwatchable because all they did—and I mean as virtually the entirety of their commentary—was bitch and moan about the Rockets not getting even more calls

Mar 6 2018

Sir, I may not agree with the precise aesthetic in which you couched your expression of the same opinions I broadly hold, but I will defend to the death your right to be paid mid-six figures to say it without ever facing the approbation of college students

Mar 2 2018

If you don’t think Peter Thiel is an important figure in both politics and journalism, well, I guess we’re just not gonna see eye to eye on this lol

Mar 2 2018

In all sincerity, John Podesta and Ryan Zinke are not “fringe” players unless the non-fringe is only like 10 people. Same goes for several reporters named, and of course publicly active billionaires such as Cuban and Thiel. A lot of these people are quite important and influential. That they socialize isn’t an Read more

Feb 2 2018

My ancestors landed with the Mayflower. I am descended from Cotton Mather, Increase Mather, Ledger Mather, and Buckwheat Mather. I attended Amherst and Harvard Law School. Sir, I say to you, sir: This is NAWT NEWS and FAKE NEWS.

Jan 29 2018

Excellent point my regular American compatriot! Are you watching the oblate spheroid entertainment this weekend? The Predatory Birds of Philadelphia are my favorite squadron

Jan 29 2018

Hello, totally normal American here, in no way affiliated with Koch Industries or Blackwater or Arcelor Mittal industrial concerns. I just want to say this blog post is incorrect and that I like it when my real, regular American community writes checks to Jeff Bezos. Now to log off and engage in ordinary activities!