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I look forward to building a relationship this season, I as the expert and you as the eager “student” of my expertise.  Read more

Even if the wealth tax only initially captured a portion of its full value it would still be worthwhile. Read more

I don’t think this distinction is meaningful to modern readers.  Read more

Thank you to the millions of readers who tuned in. Please now return to your regularly scheduled activities.  Read more

Best of luck to Jay Inslee, who seems like a man with fine politics who will not be president.  Read more

“My first act will be to ask Megan Rapinoe to be my Secretary of State.” - Jay Inslee.  Read more

Inslee says that climate is Trump’s “weakest point” and “we must defeat him at his weakest point” and he is the best climate candidate therefore he is the best candidate to defeat Trump. Time will tell if America buys this logic :) Read more

“Defeating the climate crisis has to be the number one priority of the United States of America. If it’s not job one, it won’t get done,” Inslee says. “We must get off coal.”  Read more

“Come on up, I’ll get you to go kayaking and a job with the state of Washington,” Inslee says to disability activist. This was very strange, to me.  Read more

Activist asks Inslee if he will sign legislation protecting disability rights and improving health care coverage for people with disabilities. Inslee says that yes... he supports these things.  Read more

Inslee signed a net neutrality statute as governor. Talks about Washington state’s good economy. “Progressive values mean economic growth.” Interesting statement in light of the belief that economic growth long term is incompatible with curbing climate change.  Read more

Like Castro, Inslee needs to find a trademark wacky hat to wear to distinguish himself in this crowded field.  Read more

Inslee asked about how to revitalize US labor unions. Says unions need to restore “the power of collective bargaining to America,” etc. Also notes he was only candidate to talk about unions during the debate. Says new clean energy jobs must be union jobs. “We will have a new suite of collective bargaining laws” under Read more