Hannah Gais
Hannah Gais is a writer with bylines in The Baffler, New Republic, Jewish Currents, and elsewhere.
5/07/20 12:15AM

Given the choice between looking like an axe murderer and looking like a 12 year old who knows the name of exactly one rap album, I’ll choose the latter and stick with the backwards snapback hat.

5/06/20 10:39AM

Tom are you just wearing hoodies for the next 3 months or what.

11/04/19 8:09AM

Aside from Spencer’s attempts to radicalize people through his own social media channels, there’s evidence that he has contacts with people in the Trump regime. Read more

8/29/19 2:47PM

Folks can spend all day talking about how they already knew all this and blah blah conservatives have always been nazis, but the point is that liberals will later pull out stuff like “well I think calling them ‘nazis’ is a bit extreme” whenever nazis put on the thinnest veneer of respectability, or say stuff like Read more

8/29/19 2:03PM

Bari Weiss and Brett Stephens would like to remind you that while this is all certainly unfortunate, some people on the left have suggested the Israeli government is doing bad things, and as such the problem really lies on both sides.