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I’ve worked in mental health for 14 years. I can say with a degree of certainty... my clients are tired of being used as a scapegoat for gun violence. Read more

George Stillfucksalottapuss
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The about-to-be-consciously uncoupled Rudy Giuliani is coming off to Upper East Side sex kittens like catnip. They’re purring at him. Sidling — if not actually front-ling — in his direction. Read more

Great, now I remember this monstrosity. That’s time I’ll never have back.

This president is having problems with someone named Stormy so he hires someone named Sunshine?

As an FYI- The NRA is also against mandatory training to purchase a gun, trigger lock (or other responsible storage) laws, parental liability laws, etc. Read more

“Hey kids!”
“What do we do if we find a gun?”
“Take it and hide it, so the repressive, liberal government can’t overthrow an unarmed populace!”
“That’s right! And when we meet a police officer, what do we ask?!”
“Am I being detained?!”
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Or, you know, and I’m just spitballing here, let’s have like way less guns around. Read more

No thanks! 30 seconds were enough. I know the answer is “Because this is reality now” but why is the head of the Trump Organization stumping for a candidate when his only political “talent” is moaning on Twitter? Read more

I think it’s pretty obvious why he’s so excited. He can only get two scoops when daddy isn’t there.

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This campaign stump also gave us a wonderful new shot of Fredo.

#ThatTimeWhen Ari asked her if she was a Clueless person or a Legally Blonde person, and she answered “I’m a Clueless person”, and Ari just let it hang …