Jack Crosbie
Contributing Writer, Splinter
Oct 30

Hello, I’m the writer, I’m a freelancer, I write for lots of places, and I’m quite good, not to toot my own horn. I had fun reporting this out, in large part because it was interesting to learn that a number of well-respected scientists have done research into the science of “ghost encounters,” since, as outlined in Read more

Oct 9 2019

That’s my take as well, Jack. She used screenshotted, which just sounded awkward as hell to me.

Sep 30 2019

OK, be honest, if he left the comment here, would you ungrey him?

Sep 10 2019

Yeah, but in defense of the AUMF, who could have predicted that the US invading Afghanistan would lead to a military superpower being sucked into an unwinnable quagmire that drags on for decades?

Aug 27 2019

I’m also keenly aware of the division between the Times’s opinion desk and newsroom; which is why I will take great pains to never read the latter or allow my colleagues’ work to alter my opinions or worldview in any way.

Aug 9 2019

We need to start a cultural push. Think anti-smoking ads, but with stats pertaining to the public health threat of guns.

Aug 7 2019

I was “a little jumpy” when I came back from Afghanistan as a news reporter myself and I’ve never seen my own feelings expressed in so few words. I couldn’t go back to my desk next to the huge windows that overlooked a parking lot because you know what that flying glass will do to me? Well, let me tell you EXACTLY. Read more

Aug 7 2019

I had a similar experience myself two years ago in Penn Station, in April 2017. It was a Friday evening, and the trains to Jersey were backed up, so there were more people in the station than usual. I was just finished grabbing a slice near the Krispy Kreme when I see a mass of panicked people scrambling and screaming Read more

Aug 5 2019

Those who sympathize with the white nationalist ideology but who deplore the violence should work closely with law enforcement to see that fellow travelers who may be prone to violence do not have access to firearms like semiautomatic assault-style weapons that are massively destructive. Read more

Aug 1 2019

I love that the ads I’m seeing on this page are for Truly

Aug 1 2019

The only people who drink White Claw in my area are hipsters, yuppies, and middle-aged parents extolling the virtues of the beverage being “healthier than beer.”

In short, groups of people already known for offering unsolicited advice to others in inappropriate settings (such as at my favorite sports bar), who now WILL Read more

Jul 31 2019

Timothy Olyphant would be the only reason I’d watch! He wouldn’t even have to talk — just stand there and smile.