Max Rivlin-Nadler
9/28/16 3:11PM

Freshman year roommate only played text-based RPG’s, stopped going to class, lived in a mound of his dirty laundry and cafeteria trays and one morning I woke up and everything was gone. Moved out. Really nice guy, though!

12/23/14 4:03PM

Why didn't they query the term "man"? I call people "man" all the time. I've called cars "man," I've called dogs "man," pretty much a catch-all phrase in my New York life. I've called my mom "man." It's like a weird hold that term has on me.

3/19/14 1:04PM

Yeah, they also tied a lot of the breaks into Related's other megaproject, Willets Pt., but that's much less glamorous, seeing as how they're just putting in a mall and maybe, maybe in 2025, some housing.