Max Rivlin-Nadler
12/08/17 3:47PM

Nothing yet, but I think the Gothamist/DNA people will wind up starting something. It was amazing, in the days after that happened, to see how wide a swath of New Yorkers were talking about how much they missed it, and how important it was to them. Most media shit matters mostly to media shitheads, but local news is Read more

10/12/16 10:15PM

See, I’m sure it’s informative, but then I’d have to listen to Malcolm fucking Gladwell.

3/23/16 3:12PM

They eventually reached an agreement, it got donated to charity. A-Rod is a man of the people.

10/07/15 12:56PM

I really, really love the transition to “Turn Down For What” right after the dude goes through the table. Perfect timing.

7/27/15 6:12PM

“You just hope he adds some meat on his frame if he wants to go pro. Maybe he gets some heft from his mother, probably one of those video gals we got down here in Atlanta. What? What did I say now?” Read more

7/06/15 1:53PM

If anybody wants some background on the other side of this mess, read up on Mets owners/major Bernie Madoff clients Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz. Howard Megdal is the leader in journalism on the subject, but this Gothamist article is a great read that tells the whole story. It’s about a lot more than just auto mechanics. Read more

2/11/15 6:58PM

So is the promoter who organized this lineup some kid who graduated high school in 2003 and later grew up to become some sort of Quebecois-Abu Dhabi Sheik who vowed to never let punk/screamo/hardcore die? Because this line-up is some sort of weird fucking time machine to my Winamp playlist from back then. I'm guessing Read more

10/27/14 6:38PM

I see now why the owners voted against banning tanking: If you outlaw tanking, only tankers will have outlaws.

3/19/14 1:01PM

Yeah, it's really really true. Some of those tax breaks were actually approved at the last minute by Bloomberg in December. Along with about a zillion others.

1/27/14 2:23PM

To the southeast, you will find a horde of sea lions that can be clubbed and used for both food and candle tallow. Read more

8/25/13 2:39PM

Yes, but please make sure it is filled with MSG executives when it happens.