Samantha Grasso
Splinter Staff Writer, Texan
Sep 17 2019

“There is sometimes an urge to call someone in over fear that calling them out is too much of a risk to your own wellbeing.”

Aug 20 2019

The first candidate, male or female, that comes out to the milkshake song gets an immediate bump in the polls

Aug 6 2019

This is why I always fly Southwest if I can help it; I’ve saved so much money doing this. Plus, if you book with points instead of cash, you just get the difference deposited back into your account, without the 12 month expiration of a Southwest travel voucher.

Jul 8 2019

Petition for HBO to release the Cone-Throw Cut of last night’s episode.

Jun 28 2019

People laugh, but she was brave enough to marry a mortal even though her mother is dead set against it.

Jun 19 2019

What’s the phrase Molly Ivins used once to describe a Texas state legislator... Read more

Mar 21 2019

did you mean “tenets?” I consider myself a feminist, and would certainly live there if I could provided the rents weren’t too  high...

Mar 21 2019

No. I love Stacey Abrams. She’s inspired and inspiring. And if Biden entered the race, won the primary and chose her, it would be better than him choosing a whole lot of other people. But he’s not progressive/liberal/whatever. He doesn’t want universal healthcare. He doesn’t want to reform the financial system or the Read more

Mar 4 2019

The doctor’s office I was in today was playing this shit. There was no escape. Why would you put this on in a place where people are about to have their blood pressure taken?

Feb 7 2019

“If you see something say something” isn’t well intentioned advice. It was created in the Post-9/11 Bush dystopia of illegal prisons, warrantless wiretapping and Total Information Awareness (a scapped program to have mail carriers, meter readers, handymen etc. all snoop on the contents of people’s homes and report to Read more

Feb 7 2019

My mom is white, my dad is brown, so my mom would get the weirdest shit said to her when out alone with my brother and me. One time while out shopping, a woman stopped her and asked "What country did you adopt your son from? His skin is the most interesting shade of brown". My mom, not one to mince words, said "I Read more

Feb 7 2019

Friends of mine had a little girl not too long ago. The father’s a Nordic type — light skin, blond hair and blue eyes — and the mother’s of Indian ancestry. The daughter ended up looking exactly like her dad, so her mom has the pleasure of constantly dealing with people commenting on how it looks like she kidnapped Read more

Jan 3 2019

Rep. Lauren Underwood is the youngest black woman to serve in Congress. She has natural hair (what can I say, representation matters). She’s a registered nurse. She flipped her district from red to blue. I wish we heard more about her, but I like that she’s under the radar at the moment. Read more