Awful Democratic Congressman Attends Anti-Abortion Fundraiser

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The Worst Democrat in Congress bracket just got upended.

For a while, we thought upstart Rep. Josh Gottheimer might have stolen the crown with his incompetent attempts to scuttle the party’s resolution against the war in Yemen, but longtime favorite Rep. Dan Lipinski is roaring back with some ill-timed news. On the day that we learned Joe Biden very much still supports banning federal funds for using abortion, HuffPost reported that Lipniski attended a fundraiser for the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion organization.


According to HuffPost, Lipinski was mentioned at the event as an attendee by Kathy Ireland, who was the emcee. (Normal sentence.) Lipinski was endorsed by the SBA in his last race, and the organization had a “six-figure GOTV effort” that “reached more than 23,000 voters,” according to an SBA press release. Lipinski won his primary race by two points.

But his primary opponent, Marie Newman, is running against him again in 2020, picking up an endorsement from Bernie Sanders yesterday. In April, Politico reported that Newman’s campaign had seen consultants fleeing after the DCCC announced a policy preventing its vendors from working with primary challengers, with the consultants describing the warning they received from the DCCC as “a very clear threat to their ability to do business with” the organization.

The Susan B. Anthony List supports anti-abortion politicians, most of whom are Republicans running against Democrats. (Every dull scold who can’t shut up about Bernie Sanders not being a Democrat—might there be more important and troubling targets for your ire, maybe?) A large section of its homepage currently encourages visitors to read about “President Trump’s Pro-Life Wins.” That page details the organization’s “Largest Pro-Life Grassroots Campaign for Three Election Cycles,” which it says included targeting “pro-life Latino & pro-life Democrat” voters.

After weeks of horrible abortion news, all I can say is: Fuck you, Dan Lipinski, you weird weasel asshole. Fuck any Democrat that defends him, and the DCCC for not casting him out. Oh, and fuck Kathy Ireland, too.

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