In WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT??? news, Azealia Banks has alienated her supporters once again by tweeting an Instagram snap of herself with the caption #whiteface.

This is just the latest in a string of super-public kerfuffles in which the young rapper has found herself entangled. A string of tweets in October 2013 about how cultural appropriation doesn't exist, a penchant for using homophobic slurs in 2014 — It was never a matter of if, only when, we'd hear Banks lash out again….

When the inevitable backlash from the most recent indiscretion began, Banks decided to use a litany of offensive terms to defend the makeup for her upcoming "Ice Princess" video. Impressing exactly no one, she cited misogynoir and the "evil, ugly, and delusional" "Gay White Media" (who?) for lack of support of her choice words:


This is just the most recent update to Banks' fans' cognitive dissonance: while Azealia is an incredibly gifted rapper, she stays. fucking. up. Half the time she's speaking incredible truth to issues of race and gender in the entertainment industry, and she's using the rest of that time to verbally attack internet randos on her Twitter feed. This gif has never been more appropriate:

Someone get this girl a PR agent, stat.

Akilah Hughes is a comedian, YouTuber, and staff writer and producer for Fusion's culture section. You can almost always find her waxing poetic about memes and using too many emojis. 🍕