Aziz Ansari's post-inauguration monologue on SNL is exactly what you need right now

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Aziz Ansari's monologue for the post-inauguration episode of Saturday Night Live started off with a joke about how Trump's "probably at home right now watching a brown guy make fun of him" and it continued to be great with a superb takedown of the so-called "alt-right" (a white supremacist movement). No surprises there though—Ansari's a particularly great choice for host this week considering his smart commentary on race and feminism.


Unfortunately, Ansari's also the very first South Asian person to ever host the show, and the first Asian person period to host in 17 years. Fusion's Isha Aran highlighted just how shamefully lacking our media is when it comes to representation when she wrote having Ansari host "almost makes up for that one time that SNL ALLOWED DONALD TRUMP TO HOST AN EPISODE OF THE SHOW." It's great Ansari hosted the show this week, but considering how poorly people of color are represented (an Indiewire tally of the racial breakdown of hosts found 90 percent werent what), SNL has a lot more work to do.