Bad weather in New York today is preventing dresses from arriving in LA for Oscar night tomorrow

Terrible weather in New York City is affecting the Oscars, despite the fact that the awards show will be held tomorrow, all the way across the country. The snow could be ruining Oscar night for four different women.

Designer Christian Siriano — who won Project Runway in 2008 and counts Kelly Osbourne and Patricia Arquette among his clients — is known for his lush, red-carpet worthy gowns. Just two days ago, he told the Los Angeles Times that he hoped to see his dresses at the Academy Awards:

It is always hard to jump from showing a collection and meeting with buyers and then custom-making something for the Oscars that might be worn but might not. We really never know until our client shows up on the carpet. It is stressful, but I have learned to just hope for the best.

From the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer collection, via Getty.

But today, it looks like a snowstorm is mucking up best-laid plans:

Sad for Siriano, since Oscar-night exposure is always fantastic for any designer — and sad for the women waiting, whose glorious, custom-fitted gowns won't arrive in time. Sad trombone all around.

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