Barnie Sandlers is a parody presidential candidate who cares about one issue: memes

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Barnie Sandlers is a fictional presidential candidate. His main concern is the sanctity of memes. "Nice memes, spicy memes, dank memes, ironic memes, underground memes": Sandlers cares deeply for them all.

Sandlers, a wild-haired fictional doppleganger of Vermont Senator and Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders, is the creation of the (NSFW) webcomic destructive outlet. His website is designed to look like Sanders's, and the Contribute page politely thanks visitors and tells them to donate to the actual Sanders campaign. It also links out to subreddit r/circlejerk, a community devoted to mocking the obsessions of other Redditors, who have been fairly obsessed with the Sanders candidacy in recent months.


There's also a Sandlers Facebook page, full of parody campaign materials discussing meme inequality and meme privacy, as well as other meme-related issues.


Sandlers is a very targeted, quasi-critical, and exhausting sort of political expression. It's funny, but not really for the reasons it intends to be.

There are 446 days left until the 2016 election.

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