Bathroom laws are 'not about the Caitlyn Jenners of the world,' Ted Cruz declares

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Ted Cruz on Sunday doubled down on his support for the “bathroom laws” but he tried to say “this is not about the Caitlyn Jenners of the world” after the reality star mocked Cruz for saying she couldn’t use the women’s room.


While appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Cruz insisted that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and President Obama were acting out of the “height of political correctness.”  He said they would make it so “that says any adult man can go into a girl's restroom if he feels like a woman at that minute.”

But Cruz did backtrack on Caitlyn Jenner, saying “the real danger is not people who are transgendered. It's people who are predators.”

After Trump said that Jenner could use any bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower, Cruz criticized his Republican opponent. Jenner then went into the bathroom at Trump Tower.

North Carolina has controversially passed a law that insists people can only use the bathroom associated with their gender. Obama and Clinton have both stated their opposition to the law, as has Trump.

Meanwhile, Cruz won at least 35 of the 55 delegates in Arizona, despite having lost the state to Trump. According to Arizona’s rules, if Trump failed to pick up a majority of votes on the first ballot, the delegates can vote for whoever they want on the second ballot. That enabled Cruz to pick up more delegates on the second ballot, using similar maneuvers to what he did in Colorado.


Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, said they “don’t feel this is a fair process.”