'Batman v Superman' box office takes a huge plunge in second week

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has become famous for the gulf between the relentless savagery of the butchering it received at the hands of film critics and the massive amounts of money spent on it by audiences who didn't care what those critics thought.


Well, maybe those critics held more sway than previously thought, because the movie took a steep plunge in its second week at the box office. Ticket sales fell 68%, from $166 million to $52 million. Big blockbusters often have a big drop-off in sales between their first and second weeks, but the publicity around Batman v Superman has been particularly toxic. Nobody was creating viral memes about how sad Daniel Radcliffe was about Harry Potter.

Will awful word of mouth doom the movie in the coming weeks? Will Warner Bros. be able to break even? Will Ben Affleck ever be happy again? Only time will tell! Oh, and let's play that Sad Affleck video again because it's the best.