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1997’s Batman & Robin is an iconic movie for a number of things. Poison Ivy’s take on Scary Spice’s hair buns, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unique take on Mr. Freeze, and Joel Schumacher’s generally gaudy take on Gotham city to name a few. The most memorable part of the film, though? The unignorable nipples built into Batman and Robin’s costumes:

Early images of the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have the gritty look and feel of the Nolan Batman films, but footage of the new Bat-suit suggest that there may be a little homage to Schumacher in the new film.


At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Warner Brothers decided to show off a replica of the suit Ben Affleck will be wearing, and there’s one thing in particular that stands out—the bulge.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.09.54 PM

Batman, as you know, has no real superpowers other than wealth; wealth that he spends on a ridiculously high tech suit of armor meant to protect his human body. And yet somehow, this Bat-bulge doesn’t look protected in the least. There’s enough give in the material it’s made of to give whatever’s down there (it could be more weapons) hang.

Like the Bat-nipples, the Bat-bulge could be entirely an aesthetic choice that Bruce Wayne makes to make crime fighting more fun. It could be a laugh line in the film, but Batman rarely jokes. What’s more egregious? The nips or the bulge? You decide.

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