Baylor Frat Had a Super-Racist 'Cinco De Drinko' Party Where People Chanted 'Build That Wall'

Baylor University has suspended the brothers of Kappa Sigma fraternity after they threw a drunken “Cinco de Drinko” party on Saturday—complete with attendees wearing racist face paint and dressed in offensive costumes.


According to the campus’ Lariat newspaper, attendees at the frat’s “Mexican-themed” bacchanal were photographed in brownface during the party. Other outlets have reported that revelers were also dressed as construction workers and maids. Pictures of attendees wearing ponchos and sombreros quickly drew condemnation from across social media.


When one student condemned the party on Twitter, she was told to “feel free to join the housecleaners.”

The Waco Tribune reported that students at the party also chanted Donald Trump’s infamous “build that wall” slogan.

On Monday, hundreds of Baylor students rallied for a “Love Thy Neighbor” protest against the part, organized by the Hispanic Student Association, LatinX Coalition and the NAACP.


“A lot of advocates for the event have been saying that they were promoting Mexican heritage and Latino culture, and that is not the case,” Hispanic Student Association President Damian Moncada told the Lariat . “Whenever you are representing a group of people and just dressing up all the same and you are painting your face a different color, that’s not accurately representing people and I think you’re shaming people for being a different color.”


According to the campus newsletter, the coalition behind the protest also released an eight-point list programs they’d like to see implemented at Baylor:

1. Implement Mandatory Cultural Competency Training for students, faculty, and staff

2. Punish fraternity (sanction or probation)

3. A formal apology from fraternity and university

4. Institutionalize all three coalitions (LatinX Coalition, Asian Student Coalition, and Black Student Union)

5. Create a multicultural cabinet through student government

6. Recruit more diverse faculty and staff

7. Recruit bilingual staff in financial aid and Admission

8. Implement the McNair Scholar Program

In a statement released shortly after the party took place, Kevin Jackson, Baylor’s Vice President for Student Life, described the incident as “racially insensitive” and “deeply concerning.”


“Baylor is committed to a Christian mission that actively supports a caring and diverse campus community, and we do not tolerate racism of any kind on our campus,” Jackson continued. “When any incident that does not align with our faith and mission is brought to our attention, it is thoroughly investigated by the University, and appropriate action is taken.”

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