BBC Three Trolls Trump with Royal Wedding Photos

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Everyone in the world who had their TVs on in the past few hours was following the royal marriage of Britain’s Prince Harry and U.S. television actress Meghan Markle, who together became the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


All the major U.S. networks were there to cover the ceremonies live, and we can assume that President Donald Trump was following along, although as of this writing, he’s been curiously silent on Twitter. His last tweet, sent many hours ago, concerned his claims of victory in ending the great battles collectively known as the “war on coal.”

All of this global attention and admiration aimed at others who are not Donald Trump must truly be bothering the U.S. president, who like a spoiled child demands the spotlight 24/7. So, to rub it in a little, the BBC Three decided to troll Trump by tweeting out photos comparing the crowd sizes at the royal wedding at Windsor Castle and at Trump’s presidential inauguration in January 2017.

You can probably guess which was bigger. We’re still waiting for Trump’s response.