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Looking for some Christmas gift ideas? We polled Fusion staffers and viewers to help make these holidays a little easier for you.


For The Pot-Head:

“You know you have a pot-head friend when they cackle at their own jokes, keep asking you what you were talking about again, and take a needless delight in snacking,” said Ryan Nerz, the marijuana expert on Fusion’s The Morning Show.


We don’t encourage the use of illegal drugs at Fusion, but we all know you got a friend who…lives in Colorado. For that friend, Nerz has a few ideas.

There’s the portable vaporizer that makes smoking easier on the lungs and that Nerz says “looks like an asthma inhaler, so it’s ultra-discreet.” And since it’s cold in Colorado, try this weed Christmas sweater on for size.

For The Party, Club-Hopper:

This person knows who all the latest DJ’s are and how to get into the best parties in town. DNA’s Entertainment Correspondent Jordan Diaz says this person “hates sleep” and his or her “energy never dies.”


But don’t be fooled by their lifestyle.

“It seems like a shallow world,” he said. “You have to meet all kinds of people from all over the world and be open-minded in dealing with their personalities.”


So someone like this could benefit from being encouraged to re-route their energy into something more productive and positive.

“Send them on a humbling missions trip to like Haiti,” Diaz said. “They will get a taste of reality.”


Or participate with them in giving back to your own local community.

For The Perpetual Student:

Your nerdy friend always watches the History and Discovery Channels and makes you feel dumb. Fusion’s Craft Editor Jesse Swinger said, “they watch Jeopardy and get half the answers right.”


For the friend who sees life as one long lesson, Swinger’s top gift choice would be a ticket to guided tours of historical landmarks such as the Biltmore Hotel.

“If they like to learn history, they’ll enjoy the tours,” he said. Other ideas include taking your friend to museums, art galleries, and the theater.


For The Internet Insider:

This person cashed in on the bitcoins explosion and perpetuates the Internet’s obsession with cats. And you can never show them something new.


“Found a new hilarious video on YouTube?,” Fusion’s The Morning Show Digital Editor Fidel Martinez asks. “Too bad, they already saw it last week.”

Martinez calls himself an Internet geek and knows just what would make a great, tangible gift. Try getting this Rick Astley CD.


Or feed their obsession: get this Nyan Cat knit sweater.

For The Romantic:

Stay away from the cliches!

“You have to think about longevity and what makes them happy in the long run,” said Shenique King, Fusion’s office manager. “ What would be good is something they need but can’t get.”


Yes, a romantic person loves the cute gestures occasionally, but they appreciate much more that you invest in the friendship.

King recommends helping complete the down payment on a car or any other bill that stresses the person out. She also recommends helping them make Christmas extra special for their children. That, King says, would definitely win them over.


For The Tech Early Adopter:

“That is someone obsessed with the latest software and gadgets,” said DNA’s Tech Correspondent Johanna Usma. “They want to be the first to try it out even if it had glitches or things to tweak.”


So for that tech obsessed friend, they are probably drooling over the latest iPad Mini, iPad Air, or the new Samsung smart watch (especially after this badass commercial).

That is, of course, if you can afford it and really love that friend. Otherwise, iTunes music gift card it is!


For The Visual Artist:

A visual artist always looks at the world and asks what medium they can use to mirror it. Tesoro Carolina, CEO of Lucid Art Lounge, says a visual artist, a painter, photographer, videographer and so on, “prides themselves on making art for other people to view.”


Since they beautify our lives, do them the favor of supporting them.

“Art supplies,” Carolina said as a perfect gift. “I love me some art supplies and its something any artist in any field can’t get enough of.”


But if the artist isn’t quite starving, she also recommends getting books on graffiti art like “I’m in Miami Bitch” or films by artsy directors like David Lynch.

For Those Far Away From Home:

We all have that friend who lives far away from their hometown.

“You know that saying ‘you don’t miss something until you lose it’?” said Fusion’s Production Associate Lara Fernandez. “That’s how it is.”


Their mom probably warned them they would feel homesick. Now that they miss the daily contact with close friends and family, Fernandez recommends bringing a little piece of home to the friend.

“When you’re home, traditional souvenirs are more for tourists,” she said. “But when you’re not, you appreciate your country more.”


Fernandez, who is from Spain, got excited with the idea of getting Manchego cheese, Jamon Serrano, castanets, and Spanish candy.

And since this friend is probably all on their own, don’t forget to invite them to your Christmas party.


We love you Lara!

Happy holidays!

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