Bear casually breaks into a New Jersey house and sips on some beverages

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New Jersey's department of Fish and Wildlife cheerily remarks that black bears are "an integral part of the state's natural heritage and a vital component of healthy ecosystems," adding that their personnel "use an integrated approach to managing New Jersey's black bear population, fostering coexistence between people and bears."

In the video below, we see this coexistence occurring in real time, as human Jonathan Markley of Kinneston, New Jersey shared a few drinks with his new black bear friend, who we'll call Jim. Via New Jersey 101.5:


Honestly, really impressive dexterity by Jim there. Look at how he shakes that thing open at the 23-second mark!

And some refreshing beverages for his efforts. Go Jim, go Jonathan, go New Jersey.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.