Before You Criticize Melania's Colonizer Hat, Consider Donald Duck

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

First Lady Melania Trump was having a jolly old time touring Africa, many thousands of miles away from her evil husband, until THE MEDIA jumped all over her for wearing a pith helmet, a symbol of imperial rule, as part of her Out of Africa getup.

Trump was photographed wearing the hat last Friday. And yet it took her spokeswoman nearly a full week to come up with this response, which she tweeted today:


Did you know fashion houses also have long histories of being terrible on race? Before you throw stones at Melania, why don’t you remember the beloved Disney character Safari Donald Duck??

Again, the argument here is that the media’s interpretation of the first lady wearing a symbol of white supremacy—that animating force driving colonization—was disingenuous. Everyone’s doing it, Grisham says, so lay off and please, Be Best.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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