Before You Mourn RedState, a Look Back at Its Worst Hits of All Time

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The internet senselessly mourned the end of yet another era over at conservative blogging site RedState after the site’s owners fired a slew of writers on Friday, with the dismissed writers saying everyone who was let go was “insufficiently supportive” of Donald Trump.

This might be misunderstood as a free speech issue, but before we get too misty-eyed, it’s critical that we look back on just some of what the site has happily stood for—even if, until now, it provided a home for people aghast at the impoliteness of Trumpism.


RedState is a website that, while often critical of Trump, has published some truly vile content over the years, including during Conservative Thinker Erick Erickson’s tenure as editor in chief (he left the site for greener pastures in 2015).

Let’s take a trip back through time to look at just some of site’s back catalog:


And who could forget that top conservative battle: policing where trans people pee, which RedState described as a fight to save our women and children from “perverts and the mentally ill”?

And just a sampling of Erickson’s greatest hits:


So, please, spare me any handwringing about the health of the discourse, the death of free speech, and the Serious Conservative Thinkers without a racist corner of the internet to call their own.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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