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In the wake of today's deadly attacks in Brussels, the city's diverse residents have literally taken to the streets, writing messages of peace in public squares and on major streets.


The message above is among the most prominent in Brussels' central square. It says, "Let's take back our world." Just below and to the left, "Let us unite to save humanity." And in Spanish: "We are under the same sun."


This one is a play on words that says, "I'm going to 'peace' on your bombs," which is a reference to a famous statue in the city that is also being repurposed as message against terrorism:

The messages are being written in many languages, by all creeds:


"Volem pau al mon" means, "We want peace in the world" in Catalan.

"Long live peace."


"Stop manipulation — embrace those close to you."

Just a little more than an hour away in Paris, Parisians are assembling for a vigil this evening, just months after the deadly terrorist attacks there that killed 130 people.


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