Ben Carson Isn't Sorry for Redecorating His Office

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Trey Gowdy, the Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee, sent Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson a letter Wednesday afternoon requesting all materials pertinent to the [drumroll please] redecoration of his office.


Carson and his department came under fire after The New York Times reported Tuesday evening that the secretary’s office spent tens of thousands of dollars redecorating his Washington, D.C. office, despite HUD’s desire to slash programs for low-income residents—and, oh yes, federal law, which requires Congress to approve furniture purchases that exceed $5,000.

In the letter, Gowdy said his committee would “determine whether HUD adhered to the applicable spending limitations,” as well as probe a complaint filed by a HUD employee who says she faced retaliation for asking Carson’s staff to comply with redecorating laws and for appearing to be a Democrat.


Carson defended himself on Twitter Wednesday night, telling constituents to “rest assured that there has been no dishonesty or wrongdoing” by his department and dismissing the claims against him as false.

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