Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Faulty Lib Logic to Solve the Baby Hitler Dilemma

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There’s a perverse kind of fun that comes from hearing truly stupid people saying nonsensical, idiotic things in ridiculous contexts, which is why it’s kinda nice sometimes that conservative commentator/mega twerp Ben Shapiro is around doing his thing.


Today, for example, Shapiro spoke at the March for Life rally, an anti-abortion event in D.C. While he was talking he said some real dumb shit, like this:

I didn’t watch Shapiro’s full speech because thankfully it wasn’t part of my job today and I was working on another story, so I really can’t tell you what led him to this point and I don’t particularly want to. What I do know is that Shapiro, for some reason, was apparently recording his entire speech as an episode of his podcast, including doing live-readings of ads for shit like toothbrushes. He’s since removed the livestream from YouTube.

But while I have you here, let’s go back to the Baby Hitler bit. “Anti-abortion people are morally good because they... wouldn’t kill Hitler” is a hell of a take. Everyone knows that time-traveling Hitler questions are the best argument strategy to DESTROY your opponents or whatever word Shapiro’s making writers for his bootlicking website the Daily Wire use these days.

Here’s Shapiro’s video explaining why he’s Marching for Life or whatever, where he says things like “facts” and “science” after a bunch of stuff that is neither of those things.

It’s occurring to me now that I’ve never heard Shapiro say anything in a normal tone of voice, like, it’s always this really irate, exasperated tone he does in all his videos. What does he sound like in real life talking like an actual human being? I honestly have no idea. It’s nuts to me that people listen to or watch his stuff voluntarily because doesn’t his voice bother you? Dude sounds like someone gave human growth hormone to one of Alvin’s chipmunks and stuck it on a podcast. Not my idea of a good time!