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Every year, the good paint people over at Benjamin Moore put their heads together and decide on a single color that, in their expert opinions, will capture the spirit of the year to come.


Way back in January, when Donald Trump was really getting the hang of signal-boosting white supremacists on Twitter and Oregon police were still letting Ammon Bundy and his friends threaten to kill them, Benjamin Moore announced that "Simply White" was set to be the color of 2016.

"White as a color is probably the most important color…I think in interior design," interior designer Candice Olson said in the company's video, stressing how "diverse" a color Simply White is. "I love that it has…there's a usability, a recognition,  it can go anywhere and I think it's really important that you do call it out."

And what an eerily prescient choice Simply White has turned out to be in a year when white nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan found themselves reinvigorated by President-elect Trump's political posturing.


Ultimately, though, the thing that makes Benjamin Moore's pick that much more politically canny is its followup. While 2016 may have been the year of Simply White, 2017 has been announced as the year of Shadow, which, you know, will probably be a wildly inaccurate reading of what our brand new president and his cabinet of highly-skilled secretaries has in store for the country.

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