Bernie and Cardi, Together at Last

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We’re long overdue a collab between Bernie Sanders and noted Bernie Sanders stan Cardi B, who has declared her support for Daddy Bernie time and time again. Sanders is also a fan of Cardi’s, it turns out, and at long last, the two of them will join forces to get the youngs to vote. We live in a bad time, but sometimes it’s a good time.

CNN reports that Sanders and Cardi filmed a 2020 presidential campaign video on Monday at the TEN Nail Bar in Detroit, covering signature platform issues like canceling student debt, combating climate change, and raising the minimum wage. The video is aimed at engaging young voters, a demographic Sanders is already doing pretty well with.

“We (are) working on a way to involve more young people in the political process,” Sanders told CNN. “The future of America depends on young people. They are voting in large numbers, but not large enough numbers.”


Cardi was a big Sanders supporter in 2016, and earlier this month, she tweeted in support of him again, lamenting how voters “let him down” four years ago and championing Sanders proposals like Medicare for All and tuition-free college, higher taxes or not:


Last week, Sanders brought up Cardi during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It seems like the two get along swimmingly:

“I know her. You know, we’ve talked on the phone on several occasions, she’s really smart and she is deeply concerned about what’s happening.”


Though some people have gotten real snippy about Cardi’s active political engagement, she’s a major history buff and intended to study history in college, though she eventually dropped out. It’s unclear whether she intends to collaborate on more videos with Sanders (or when the Detroit one will drop, hopefully soon), but the Cardi bump can’t hurt him.