Bernie Sanders fires back at Bill Clinton's sexism claims

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Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton are now directly going after each other about the 2016 presidential campaign.


The latest skirmish between the two men began on Friday, after Clinton implied that Sanders had called Hillary Clinton unqualified to be president in part because she is a woman.

"I think there are some different standards [for women]. Some of them are subconscious," he said.

Sanders fired back in a CNN interview.

"I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst," Sanders said, adding, " I think the Clinton campaign has made it public, basically, they have told the media that here in New York, they're about to become very negative, about to beat us up."

The race between Sanders and Hillary Clinton has indeed been getting more intense as the April 19 primary in New York approaches. The two are set to face each other in a debate in Brooklyn on Thursday.