Bernie Sanders gets his own Mexican corrido campaign song

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Señor Bernie Sanders now has his own Mexican corrido.

A California-based norteño band has released a song titled El Quemazón, which literally translates to “The Burn.”

Mexican corridos are folksy guitar, accordion and trumpet ballads that narrate the stories of larger-than-life characters, everyone from Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa to drug lord Chapo Guzmán. Similarly, Sanders' song celebrates the candidate's rise from a young kid in Brooklyn to a man running for the nation's highest office.

“He’s a man with a vision to better this country. Running for president, but the rich don’t want him. Bernie Sanders is his name. Now you’re going to feel his burn,” the song goes.


The corrido also highlights Sanders’ signature brand of politics. It says that since he was a child, “he started to notice that the rich were only getting richer,” and now many call him “Robin Hood.”

The song and video, released last week by Grupo Meta, is already making the rounds on social media garnering tens of thousands of Facebook likes on pages such as "Latinos for Bernie Sanders."


Band frontman Juve Quintana reportedly told Telesur he came up with the song since he feels Sanders isn’t getting the media exposure he deserves.

Sanders' supporters and campaign staffers are already sharing the creative endorsement, which could help the candidate boost his popularity among Latinos, some of whom reportedly refer to the candidate as “El Viejito” (the old man), since they are not familiar with his Bern brand.