Bernie Sanders has been upped by the punx

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We know Bernie Sanders already has the tween vote on lock. Now it appears he has the support of another crucial bloc: punks.

According to the website selling the Black Flag-inspired shirts, proceeds will go to help fund the candidate's campaign.

Up the Berns

This is not the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate's first brush with the punks. As mayor of Burlington, Sanders' office oversaw the opening of an all-ages music venue, 242 Main, where bands like Fugazi and Operation Ivy played to throngs of pogoing teenagers.

Jane O'Meara Sanders, who was the director of the Mayor's Youth Office and led the development of the venue (the two would also go on to marry), told Vice that the project's origins were humble enough: "We did a battle of the bands the first year and we got approval to do it that one time, and it was fantastic," she said. "We had hundreds and hundreds of kids coming out for six bands, and it's still going onto this day."

Sanders' camp has yet to return Fusion's request for comment on whether he prefers Keith Morris-era Black Flag or considers himself more of a Henry Rollins kind of guy.


(h/t T.J. Raphael)

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