Bernie Sanders killed it with young voters in New Hampshire—including a huge majority of young women

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Polls were already forecasting a win for Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. The bigger question was how much he'd come out ahead. The answer, particularly among younger voters, turned out to be a lot.


Sanders beat Clinton by a huge margin, 84% to 15%, among New Hampshire voters under age 30, according to ABC News exit polls. This is pretty much what happened in Iowa, where Sanders had the support of 84% of young voters as they showed up for the caucuses.

Sanders also won women overall in New Hampshire, 53%-46%, and won overwhelmingly among women under 30, with 82%. Clinton won women over 45.

And while Gloria Steinem's comment about what motivates young women voters was dead wrong, she was right about one thing: Sanders is definitely where the boys are. According to exit polls, 65% of men voting in the Democratic primary should probably see a doctor—that's how badly they felt the Bern.

The networks called the first primary in the country for Sanders just after the polls closed at 8 p.m. EST.