Bernie Sanders launches forceful attack on Hillary Clinton

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Bernie Sanders launched his first major attack on Hillary Clinton of the 2016 presidential campaign on Saturday night.


Sanders has typically shied away from going after Clinton too much, saying that he prefers to run a positive campaign. He famously helped her out on the subject of her emails during the first Democratic debate. But after what was widely judged to have been the best week of Clinton's campaign so far, Sanders changed course at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, a major event for the Iowa Democratic Party.

While not mentioning his rival by name, Sanders aggressively highlighted their differences on issues such as the Defense of Marriage Act, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iraq War and financial regulation, repeatedly emphasizing that he took the right "fork in the road" on each one.


Sanders also pointedly mentioned Clinton's loss to President Obama during the 2008 campaign. The Iowa caucuses were the first major defeat handed to her by Obama.

Just to remember about eight years ago, all of the political experts talked about how another Democratic candidate for president just couldn’t win," Sanders said. "He was unelectable. Remember that guy? What’s his name? Oh, it’s President Obama."

By contrast, Clinton aimed her barbs almost solely at Republicans.

Watch video of Sanders' new approach below.

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