Bernie Sanders vs. Meghan McCain Was a Clash for the Ages

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Bernie Sanders went on iconic, Splinter-endorsed morning program The View on Friday, and had a long, in-depth discussion about—oh let’s be real, we all just wanted to see him and Meghan McCain encounter each other.

The 2020 candidate didn’t talk to McCain for a while, but she was less than subtle about how she was feeling about him while he was chatting with the other hosts. Take a look:


Eventually, though, it was time. And to be fair to Meghan, she asked a pretty good question.

“What do you think Hillary did wrong to lose to Trump?” she asked. Awkward......

Then she asked, “We’re hearing about a lot of Democratic candidates who are meeting with Hillary Clinton for you think you’ll do the same?”

“I suspect not,” Sanders replied. Which, no kidding.

Is it particularly newsworthy that Bernie Sanders does not think Hillary Clinton, the person he worked hard to beat in 2016 who then lost to Donald Trump, is a useful source of advice? It is not. Is Meghan McCain very transparently trying to cause Bernie Sanders some vague difficulties by getting him to criticize Hillary Clinton? Of course. was good TV.