Beto What...........Is Up With This

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Beto O’Rourke has a problem.

He’s running for president, and when you do that you have to stand in rooms with a lot of other people in them. The problem is that when you do that a lot of the people in the room can’t see you too good so you’ve gotta figure out a way to help them see you. For a lot of candidates this is why they do rallies and stuff in places that have a stage or something they can stand on so people can see them but Beto... Beto doesn’t do that. He just stands on the nearest flat surface wherever he is so he’s way up above people.

I mean what is up with this?


There’s so many of these!


Here’s another one I just found on Getty when I was looking for a header image to this post. He’s doing it in a guy’s house!! Just like, have the people you’re talking to sit down! Or don’t give big speeches in a guy’s living room!


I really do not get this. Several of my colleagues (and me) are convinced now that he doing this on purpose. This is a Thing, like, an actual strategy that someone has decided plays well. I could understand it if he did it once in like a super crowded situation and that could even be kinda cool if it wasn’t directly on a place people were trying to eat but this... this is too much.

People in the comments are going to get mad at me for doing another blog about Beto O’Rourke being a weirdo, but it is surreal how strange his presidential campaign has already become. His Senate campaign was remarkable because he did things most other candidates didn’tnamely, skateboard, but also speak out definitively on hot-button issues like the NFL police brutality protests in a way that few other candidates were. Personally, I liked Beto, I really did. He seemed like a nice dude! Worked hard. That’s why it almost feels like a betrayal that, as many people have pointed out, his presidential campaign has swapped out cool shit like having clear, decisive policy positions and skateboarding for telling the same story about Fugazi over and over again and standing on shit to talk and then getting down.


Of those, the former is definitely more problematic, sure. Look at this video from today when a guy asks Beto (standing on the floor) whether or not he’d have a woman as his VP.


There’s a super-easy answer to this, it’s “yes, absolutely.” Then if you really have to you can say like “but it’s too early for me to think about a running mate right now.” Not hard! Instead we get some weird-ass wobbly mess? What’re you doing?

And the table-standing thing just makes it all so much weirder.

Here’s the best thread about it:


Anyway, someone get Beto O’Rourke a pair of Soaps so he can at least grind on counters or something, make use of his time up there. That would be sick if he did that.